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Customized Training Plan

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There are dozens of ways to get stronger and build muscle. With my 7 years of experience in fitness and many different training schedules, I have found out what works best to achieve huge results.

For example, it is important to divide the muscle groups correctly so that you can be sure that you are training the muscles at the right time. In addition, you often see that people train certain muscle groups too often or too little per week. This is a problem because you do not give your muscles the opportunity to grow.

In this schedule, we look at your lifestyle and the training is planned at the right time with the perfect amount of volume per training.

In this Customized Training plan you will get:

✅ Personal questionnaire to see which training schedule will work best for you
✅ A comprehensive manual explaining different training methods
✅ Tips & tricks to grow faster
✅ Explanation of apps that will help you progress faster.
✅ The opportunity to ask questions about your training plan

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1 review for Customized Training Plan

  1. admin

    The Natural Movement bied voor iedere doelstelling een plan.
    Ik zelf heb gekozen voor de Fat Loser omdat ik mijn vetpercentage naar beneden wilden krijgen.
    Door de juiste informatie is dit gelukt!

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