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Personal Training

Personal Training

I believe that every person can learn to perform all exercises correctly. I would like to help you with this through physical personal training. If I have trained with you a number of times, you will be able to perform all exercises correctly and then you will only need online coaching to support where necessary.

Ik heb een eigen sportschool vlakbij Amsterdam Centraal waar je van harte welkom bent om een keer te komen trainen. We kunnen ook een afspraak maken op een andere fitnesslocatie.


in the personal training YOU get:

✅ Explanation about training and nutrition
✅ Clear explanation and help with implementation of all exercises that are in your schedule
✅ Personal attention for things that you have difficulty with
✅ Take into account possible injuries
✅ Possibility to join a gym near you in Amsterdam or Haarlem
✅ Een personal trainer die zijn eigen sportschool heeft of een keer bij jou in de buurt kan mee trainen.

€54,99 incl. BTW.​

TNM supplies high-quality fitness accessories for a fair price. Of course we offer a two-year warranty on all our fitness accessories.