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It’s almost summer! Do you want to achieve your best shape ever?


Mensen vinden het steeds belangrijk om lekker in hun vel te zitten. Sporten helpt om fit te worden én te blijven.

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Online Coaching

Summer is coming… .You are super motivated but you don't know where to start or you still see little progress after months of hard work. I know how it feels and would like to help you.

You are going to ask yourself.. Am I doing something wrong? This creates uncertainty and frustration. That is why it is important to have the right knowledge and coaching. With our products and services we can guarantee that you will see progress every week. I have helped many people and I would like to help you achieve your goals.

Imagine if you:

✅ Receive a personal questionnaire to find out what your current diet looks like and what adjustments are needed.

✅ Get the correct manual about nutrition without unnecessary extra information. You regularly eat what you like and lose fat every week. In this period you will also improve your strength. We can customize your plan so you can stick to this for the long term.

✅ Have all the necessary information about training at your disposal. You will receive a personal schedule that takes into account which days you can train. With 3 to 4 times a week you can get great results

✅ In a few weeks you will see REAL progress instead of feeling that you are not moving forward. You have the possibility to ask questions whenever you want to. We will have conversations every week to measure progress and discover what can be improved.

All-in-one Transformation Plan + 3 months Online Coaching

✅ Free online intake interview.
✅ 1 FREE Personal training
✅ Manual with all tips & tricks.
✅ Manual with all tips & tricks.
✅ Tasty (and cheap) recipes that you can prepare quick and easily.
✅ Transformation in 12 weeks.
✅ Bi-weekly phone or video call to measure your progress and results.
✅ Unlimited email and / or messenger contact.

Products and services
‘’Succces stories’’



I’ve seen amazing results in such a short period of time. I lost 2 kilos in only 2 weeks just by following the nutritional plan! I can assure that it works if you follow the recommendations and avoid all what is not good for your body. I just started with the training plan aswell toc omplement my process and I’m very excited about it! Based on the changes I’ve seen so far, all the support I’ve received by Tijn, I’m More than sure I will achieve my goal!

C. Rapalino

‘’Real People , Real Results!’’

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Tijn TNM

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Tijn TNM

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Tijn TNM

TNM supplies high-quality fitness accessories for a fair price. Of course we offer a two-year warranty on all our fitness accessories.